Monday, August 29, 2005

The Return of the Concrete Monsters

These were still in the making:

Concrete Monsters

A celebration of bad design, compromise and demented creativity. The designer must've thought that people are capable of anaerobic respiration or I should actually check if these were luxury apartments exclusively built for dementors!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Safety Begins at Home

Saw this on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Our vehicle was travelling at close to the speed limit when I saw this unexploded tanker. That gave me just enough time to get this badly taken snap. It had crashed into solid rock ironically with the words 'Safety Begins at Home' painted on its rear, right next to the speed-limit sign. They should have added the words 'and Ends on the Road'.

The Return of the Concrete Monsters

These were still in the making:

A celebration of bad design and compromise. The designer must've thought that people are capable of anaerobic respiration.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Critique Ugly

Sarkar: As soon as I saw how the story was unfolding, I kept expecting the events in The Godfather to happen. Some did, some did not. So that really kept me guessing!

The cinematography was very innovative. It was dark and stark, devoid of frills, moody and sinister at times. Perfect!

One thing about the movie that really put me off is the music directors... er music. It seems that the music directors Bapi-Tutul were very insecure that people will forget their presence so they kept banging away the percussion come what may! Abhishek thinking about something and you hear the them banging away all the drums! They seemed to not know that silence can be used to heighten the effect. The music was way too loud!! I still liked the 'govinda govinda' chant although this is not the first time this was used in an RGV movie (Those of u who are wondering which one, it is the telugu movie 'Govinda Govinda' starring Nagarjuna and Sridevi)! :-)

Madagaskar: Nice fun movie! Very much paisa vasool if you have kids!

Whenever I hear David Schwimmer (lends his voice to the giraffe) I couldn't help but picture Ross Geller of F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Got so used to that voice as Ross!!

The story was not so interesting. There wasn't much of a climax either. In that way the movie was not half as much fun as Shrek. Looks like they were in a hurry to release the movie before some deadline or something!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Promise

The clouds had kept the sun hidden for so long. I do not remember when this had happened before. There was bad news everywhere, as if all the doomsday prophecies were coming true. Life is so fragile. And we take it for granted until we are reminded.

This morning all of a sudden, the sun emerged victoriously, with its warm silver rays. The Pashan skyline was suddenly bathed in a bright glow, highlighted against the dark clouds on the other side of the sky.

A rainbow appeared, arching high above the buildings. It looked better than any housing project ad. The rainbow seemed to frame the skyline, holding it in place. It held a promise of sunshine.

Now, I look outside to see. It has kept its promise.