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I guess I will have to live with it...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Summer Storm

A cumulonimbus cloud towers over the outskirts of Mysore city, sometime around 2002.

Mysore and its surrounding areas experience frequent thundershowers from clouds like these, usually during the summer months. Most probably it is these thuderstorms that act like a thermostat keeping Mysore temperatures form rising too much in summer.

As kids we used to curse them for their timing; exactly in the evening ruining our summer fun. These are those rains which brought that warm earthy smell everytime. The mere thought of it makes me feel good!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Dung De Basanti

Yeah! I am so happy about this movie!!! Especially because I never saw it.

The latest victim of this movie was my friend Y. He was outraged by the way the movie makes a mockery of the audience with a plot that is inconsistent and superficial. Unless, it's anything chalega. I heard this first from many friends and then I read it too!

Yes, I know it was stylish, it was cool, bindas and all that sort of thing and of course, and many people are loving it!

This movie would have easily mingled with the other bollywood flicks being churned out except for the tall claims made by the publicity. It would really help if they would not raise our expectations so much with all the hype. The maker should have atleast taken care to see how convincingly he kills the main characters in the end...

My friend Y wished he went to Aksar instead. Atleast he would have seen to it that he left his brain at home before watching it...

I asked another friend D, how he actually found it OK. He said, "Neenu story tho involve avvanu kada!" (I never get involved with the story in the first place!). Yes, the visuals and the fun-stuff in the earlier part of the movie are kinda fun but please leave your brain outside after the first half! This is nothing like Yuva...

Friday, February 10, 2006


...and with one last sigh,
freeing the anger with all its might,
it breathed fire into the sky.
With orange photons flooding the air,
it was a silent scream of light…

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Orb

...and the huge, fiery orb lowered itself gently into the backyard of the little cabin by the tree, where it would sulk for the next 12 hrs or so, pondering over what it had seen that day...

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