Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Those without dreams

Found this Japanese saying while watching a short film Carter about a man who chose the art of making knives for a living:

"Those without dreams are without ideals.

Those without ideals are without beliefs.

Those without beliefs are without plans.

Those without plans are without actions.

Those without actions are without results.

Those without results are without happiness."

One of the secrets of happiness wrapped up nicely!

Here is the short film, Carter:

In this short film he narrates his story of how he chanced upon the shop of knives and how he decided making knives would be what he will do. What struck me is how he hung on to that passion in a strange new place, learnt the language, and then spent many years just scratching the surface of this art. Hardly something we would think would go into the making of what looks like an everyday object.

The point where a craft is taken to beyond technology and engineering with skill honed over years and precision fine tuned over probably countless unsuccessful trials is probably where it starts turning into a fine art, isn't it?

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White Magpie said...

Like Kill Bill. The Japs are extreme in any case they take up. Love them.