Sunday, June 12, 2016


To see some of what went behind the scenes on this shoot, click here.

Umang Samani and I went about shooting for a corporate portrait shoot with a twist. Our client was a maverick at heart apart from being an entrepreneur and we very much wanted to make sure we make our point that this is no plain professional but someone who had a multifaceted personality.

We analysed and planned what we are going to do for the portrait. The clothes the look, and the poses. On the day of the shoot, at the shoot location, we spotted a used wooden stool stained with paint. We posed on it for a few seconds and then spontaneously we thought that she should try sitting in the sukhasana on it. And then this image happened. We were so thrilled about it and it probably gave us a high that lasted a few days! Longer than any chemical drug could induce. Hahaha!

I think this image is an outcome that was impossible to plan for but something we could only prepare for with a mind open to possibilities and unexpected rewards or even failures. Something that I feel I need to remind myself before every shoot. And that is the best thing about doing what I do to feel alive. That little bit of unexpected, that little bit that you cannot predict but hope for the best. Like life.

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