Sunday, January 18, 2009

Silence and the River

"Be passive--as you sit by the river and the river flows by and you simply watch. There is no eagerness, no urgency, no emergency. Nobody is forcing you. Even if you miss, there is nothing missed. You simply watch, you just look. Even the word watch is not good, because the very word watch gives a feeling of being active. You simply look, not having anything to do. You simply sit by the bank of the river, you look, and the river flows by."

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ant Safari

I was in Mysore a few weeks ago. One dull boring afternoon, I set out into the 'vast expanses' of the portico of our home in search of some interesting ants. When you are looking for ants even a portico is a very very large place... except that you can easily cover it in less than an hour. :D

Framing a fast moving ant is not very easy...

Sometimes you realise that the huge orb that it is about to bite is actually your toe... you see the butt of that ant sticking from under the toe? I made a quick retreat after that shot...

Here is an ant in what is maybe the one of the most exotic locations it could be in... a pink hibiscus... my mom hates it when I crop the flower like that!! :D