Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The lines zig-zagged and projected out of the frame, encroaching into the space around it. The indicator formed the apex of the projection, like the shoulder-pad of an evil robot. The metallic body excuded a wicked energy, threatening to unleash it at a moment's notice. Every angle of its planes suggested speed. The metal logo placed angularly lay glinting in the morning sunlight...
It spelt the letters K A R I Z M A

Monday, July 25, 2005

Concrete Monsters

The buildings rose from the filth with damp-black walls, colourful clothes waving in the wind like bright flags, each proclaiming a victory. A victory of life against the odds?

Multistoreyed buildings so close to each other that one could hop from one roof to another. Spiderman would have saved a lot of web...

The heavy sea air was laden with the smell of sewage and refuse. Plastic burning?...

The Sumo raced up a flyover, weaving through the traffic. As we rose, we saw more of these buildings jostling for a breath of fresh air, for a piece of the sky...

The sky was silver, bright and blinding but the light was no match against the darkness these concrete monsters held within them...

I was there... intimidated... mesmerised... dwarfed... awed... disgusted... overwhelmed...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Nescafe Moment

I see you sitting at the coffee table. The morning sun streams in and dissolves into the strands of your brown-black hair flowing down the sides of your face, making it glisten like silk, highlighting you against the shadowy background. The hot cup of coffee releases steady fumes into the cool winter air. Your skin glows with morning freshness as you prepare to take your first sip. The morning newspaper reflects the headlines in your glasses delicately balanced on your nose. Now, it is time to take a sip. You remove the glasses, and as you raise the glass to your tender lips, you look at me with your brownish eyes and suddenly a smile materialises...

I immediately check the focus, aperture and... Kli-Chck!

A perfect picture. A Nescafe moment.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Favour...

My friend asked me an unusual favour the other day... He wanted to pose the way Brad Pitt did for the posters of Mr. Smith. It sounded funny, especially coz he did not have any Angelina Jolie in his life. But it proved to be an interesting challenge so I said 'YES'!

That saturday, 26 snaps later we got a snap which looked satisfactory. The white walls really helped and we hid the flooring under white papers stuck together to form a 'blanket'. I uploaded the image and edited it in GIMP to add the text and place it behind him.

This is what I finally got: Mr. Sunkara

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wicked Gossip!

H: You know, S has a girl-friend!
Saw them hanging out at all the hotspots and of course
their body language says it all.

I: So, is S's gf cute?

H: No... she's wishy-washy!

I: Wishy-washy? how does a person LOOK wishy-washy?? i thought it is a behavioural trait! :-)

H: LOL!!! U know - she is that delicate looking pale creature with thin straight hair...... that kind of a girl...

I: like she was caught in a washing machine and twirled
around in Surf Excel all morning?

H: Wishy-washy!!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Wanted Warm Hug: Tenders Invited :-))

I came to know from Desmond Morris' 'Intimate Behaviour' the true nature of the hug. Having read it years ago I am kind of vague but I remember that he says that ever since we come out of the womb we miss the warm 'hug' that the womb gave us. We do not remember the time we spent in the womb but it is etched deep within our subconcious. So, whenever we get a hug we feel good as it gives the same feeling of security and warmth that we felt when we were in our mothers' womb... Human's like any other animal seeks affection and warmth but social restrictions usually leave us extremely 'affection starved'...

When was the last time you got a big, warm hug?