Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Nescafe Moment

I see you sitting at the coffee table. The morning sun streams in and dissolves into the strands of your brown-black hair flowing down the sides of your face, making it glisten like silk, highlighting you against the shadowy background. The hot cup of coffee releases steady fumes into the cool winter air. Your skin glows with morning freshness as you prepare to take your first sip. The morning newspaper reflects the headlines in your glasses delicately balanced on your nose. Now, it is time to take a sip. You remove the glasses, and as you raise the glass to your tender lips, you look at me with your brownish eyes and suddenly a smile materialises...

I immediately check the focus, aperture and... Kli-Chck!

A perfect picture. A Nescafe moment.


shoma said...

hey wowwwwwow vikas! tht was really well written....typical M&B style!Surely got me feelin all heady imagining the magic of romance n the beauty it beholds!!

Shruti T A said...

Wow, she looks lovely. I can see her.