Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sigur Rós

The new face of rock. The saviors of rock. Taking rock music into the new millennium. Overtly melodramatic (actually, I like melodrama!!). These are the things being said about Sigur Rós. I am completely entranced by their music and learnt this when I started searching information on these people out of curiosity. I think the only reason for their not being as popular as they should be could be due to the fact that the music scene is simply dominated by the US.

Interestingly, one of their albums is an abstract work. It is simply named ( ) and the songs have no names and no lyrics. Essentially meaningless gibberish that the singer sings with the music and we just have to make of it what we want to. Abstract music...

About three of their tracks were featured in the Tom Cruise starrer 'Vanilla Sky'...

Sigur Rós - "Heima" Trailer (Hoppipolla Version):

Make sure you watch the ending of this music video:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Baby and a Goldfish

Met my 2 month old niece for the first time. I realized it was ages since I felt a tiny little hand in mine. She still does not recognize faces yet but cries very little. She actually does not know how to cry even when she's hungry! LOL! She just makes 'skawking' sounds with a painful expression on the face! Teeny hands and teeny feet! Mother nature is the master designer of cuteness!!

They also have a pretty goldfish gracefully swimming in its glass bowl. I realized to my surprise that if anyone stands close to the bowl, it immediately swims towards them and hovers around there. Even more surprising was that if you put your hand close to the glass the goldfish gets distracted by the hand only for a moment and then starts looking at your face again!! It felt as if it can recognize the face! Maybe we humans grossly underestimate the intelligence of other creatures.

I can imagine! At night when everyone is asleep the goldfish pulls out a little laptop from under one of the pebbles and starts wondering on its blog: 'Today I saw a human showing signs of intelligence. He did not tap my glass bowl (How I hate it when they do that!!). He actually seemed to look into my eyes. Maybe humans are not as dumb as previously thought...'

...Obviously, I had a very tiresome overnight bus journey back to Pune, its Wednesday morning but am still short of some sleep...

Of course, I also met my two year old nephew. It is impossible to track down fast moving two year olds and take a pic when indoors... all I could get was his doggy toy...

(posted this a day later...)