Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Art and Science of SLR Buying Part II

The professionals always do it better and so here is just the article I wanted to write but written way better than I could have done:


Dpreview.com has been the go-to site for me and whenever someone asks me which SLR they is best suited for them. I usually recommend a link from dpreview.com where cameras can be compared feature by feature:


If you have zeroed down on maybe two cameras, snapsort.com can do an amazing job too and in a nice and easy to understand way:


Snapsort can be very helpful for those of us who are new to all the terminologies that go into SLR technologies. The information overload can be overwhelming otherwise!

With this I think I can conclude the 'preliminary research' one must do before buying an SLR. Once you know these things you can go ahead and start looking at various models and makes. You can see whether those features are useful to you or not before you decide the best feature set you can get within your budget. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The transient art of your kitchen burner

Your kitchen gas burner creates transient art every time you light it's fire, so to speak. All of us know that you have to wait for the gas flow to stabilize for you to light it up with your lighter. It takes at least half a second between you turning the knob and lighting it. 

The gas that has been already released ignites in one glorious fireball for a fraction of a second but you rarely notice it. This is because it is a dull blue flame and is hardly noticeable in daylight. But then, it is to capture stuff like this that the camera is a perfect tool.