Monday, November 22, 2010

Kerala - Cochin

We landed late in the evening and checked into the homestay called Rossitta Wood Castle and it turned out to be a beautiful place. A building built in 1706 now converted into a lovely homestay. Visiting a historical building is one thing and staying in one is entirely another. Of course, it also had all the luxuries like heated water and air-conditioning! :)

If you like nice little streets with character, the streets around Fort Kochi (the homestay was located here) and the Jewish town are places to be.

We were lucky that we got to see Sunday morning service in progress when we visited the historical St Francis church.

I felt our stay in Cochin (two days) was too short as I wanted to visit the Jewish town when the light was good but we just could not make it on time and the shops there close very early (5:30pm if I remember right). There went some good photo-opportunities. All I had was snaps of the streets in harsh light.

To completely absorb the essence of Cochin and walk unhurriedly through the silent streets, we need at least two or three days in this place. Good we did not take a package tour.


shooting star said...

hi there
am here after a long time!!!
i went visitng cochin in 2007, simply fell in love with the old Jewish part of the town!!!....its photographer's delight!!!

Arunima said...

lovely pics!

Hey, happy Valentine's Day!

Yoga Gal said...

Beautiful photos!

The Penny Lane said...

as always - amazing capture!

RiversideInn Muttar said...

Its always a pleasure trip to be in the state of Kerala and bed on that I would suggest you to visit the backwaters of alleppey and get yourself booked into a typical Homestay Near Alappuzha.