Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lies People Tell But Do Not Admit

Chances are you have heard these somewhere, somehow, or maybe even said them. Chances are we all know what they mean, actually...

1) "I will call you back"

They usually never call back. Either there is a genuine reason or they might just forget. They WILL call back only if they need something from you! If this person does manage to call back more than 50% of the time, chances are he/she could be one of your lifetime friends ...or just a perpetual parasite.

2) "I will die without you"

This is one of the stupidest lines!! Usually the person telling this believes that this is true. This usually happens in extremely immature relationships with messy endings. I know people who said it and are still alive, recovering from the 'relationship'... And boys, if you are saying this, there is no better way to reinforce that you are emotionally weak. I actually know a sadistic girl who ditched her guy and then later called him asking him why he's still alive!!

3) "Lets just be friends"

This means even the friendship you had is over. Dumbo!! Did you not realise that she's not even interested in you? (We are assuming here that it is guys who get this phrase from girls, usually) Even if u carry on with 'just friendship' it will invariably fizzle out, so chuck it and keep walking. It requires exceptional maturity for any relationship to survive this stage. This is always dangerous territory for anyone. If you made your intentions clear from the beginning then this wouldn't have happened. And how is that? Well, I am not going to tell you, it's fun learning through trial and error! All the best!!

4) "Lets do freiinseep"

Yes, the most infamous Orkut line. It's been mentioned many times in many blogs but it just keeps coming back! At first it appears similar to number 3 but is very different. This is usually the most intellingent line that a desperate desi male is usually capable of writing in his vain attempts to mesmerise anything that looks remotely feminine on Orkut. Uncouth in approach and absolutely clueless about human psychology, these males, ignoring umpteen other males writing the same lines in all the previous scraps, foolishly hope that suddenly someone will be swept off their feet on reading these three magic words and maybe immediately agree to meet up with them at the nearest coffee shop or God knows where. Sad.

5) "I have no time"

It only means the person who said it is not interested enough to 'make time' for whatever you are talking about. So go talk to someone else. Chances are you will find the same person at a movie theater near you having a whale of a time. Remember, even one of the world's richest man Steven Speilberg returns home at about 6pm for dinner with his family everyday unless he is in some other part of the world (OK i don't think I have proof of this as he said it in a talk show). It's all about priority and this is a nice way for people to tell you that you are not one.

Pixie contributed the following gems (Thank you pixie, how could I have overlooked these?!!) :

6) "You are our best resource and we don’t want to lose you"

You will find that after you leave that company, your manager and the project survive very well without you! If a meteorite from outerspace ground you into pure carbon this very minute, it is only your family/loved ones/friends who will miss you. Your famliy and parents might mean a lot to you, but that doesn't mean someone can get away with no. 7!

7) "My parents won’t approve"

That’s the cheesiest of them all. It just means the guy/gal isn’t interested in you enough to decide that it's worth making a commitment. But of course he/she does want to flirt around with you… or in other words USE you and then discard you as soon as the real princess/prince charming arrives! So, Mr/Ms Standby Lover, wake up from your dreamy slumber and get out of the tunnel because the light at the end IS the oncoming train!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Mysore Lounging

Yaaaawn.... it's been a good Diwali holiday so far. I will truly hate monday the 12th! Mysore was... is cool and blue as usual. Managed to get this new lens for my camera and am loving it! Took a lot of lousy shots for a change while fooling around with the new lens...

In Pune, you will never see the sun setting into someone's backyard!! ;)

clothes line...

Ok, this is NOT a lousy shot :) this happens to be dad's new car...

Mysore has plenty of coconut trees everywhere...

Wonder what's up with blogger, the image uploading is getting very messy. I had to upload these images so many times to see them...
It's time to make lunch (yeah, am helping mom) , have lunch and then a nap.... YAWN!