Sunday, September 25, 2011

Silent Revolution

Since the last few years I have come to know about many great teachers who are dedicating their lives to share their wisdom about life and well being. Some are controversial, but I know many who are almost anonymous and seem to be interested in really doing some good. They have little publicity and people who go to them are doing so only by getting to know about them through word of mouth. Rarely do I see the media bothering with them.... which might actually be a good thing.

About 10 years ago I got to know one such teacher who taught us meditation and pranayama for about two weeks and also shared some secrets of happiness that some of us were struggling to realise. He charged about 300 rupees that went into hiring the hall, the equipment, the carpets, etc. It is funny that most probably his credibility suddenly rose in your eyes as soon as I said this. While I do believe that when someone is sharing any kind of knowledge, they should be paid back in some way, it is always humbling to see someone who is sharing stuff that is sometimes life changing for almost nothing. Otherwise they are called corporate trainers. ;)

Anyway, I wonder if he was left with anything. And all he did was travel all over the state teaching these things all year round. He wanted us to live to a higher ideal, to live to a better future and well being. I do not know how much I was able to live up to those higher ideals but I do know that this was one of the most important turns my life took. Until then I was adrift in a sea of confusion. Now I know that I at least have some direction. And it is not everyday you get to see someone who is not a money spinner but a humble person who gave up everything (including family!) because one felt that it was their only aim in life, to share some knowledge.

The reason why I wanted to say this is that I see what the media is doing to us on a daily basis. It is bombarding us with negative messages and mostly ignoring the little (if not larger undercurrent of) good stuff that is happening silently. Some of them have become messengers of hatred too! It is important for us to realize and remember that things are not really as bad as they make it sound and the world can really be a beautiful place if we want it to be. It is the biggest myth that one person cannot make enough change, if that is what discourages us. So, if you have something positive to share with the world, do not hold back. :)