Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finding Yaman

One interesting thing I did this month was work on a cover of the Sitarist Vidur Mahajan's Indian Classical album Maitra Yaman. The raaga was Yaman and we were to capture it's essense visually.

It felt great working alongside an artiste who has given so many years of his life for an artform with evergrowing love for it. The best part was I was not intimidated by him but inspired by him.
Vidur is also an entreprenuer and industrialist. His passion is the Sitar. Sitting under the starry winter sky, surrounded by the hills, I sat with him at his little farm house-like place, listening to his story of how he first fell in love with the Sitar. It's a journey he started more than 2o years ago. His passion for playing the Sitar has only grown over the years...

I waited more than three weeks to write this, hoping that I would write more objectively. Without going ga-ga! But it seems I fail miserably at it. I shall just post the snap now :)