Thursday, November 05, 2009

"Be positive!" ...even if your tail is on fire?

As you can see, my posts are getting less frequent. Am I busy with other things in life? Do I have no time to blog? Have I stopped taking pictures? Yes, no, and no. I have plenty of things to do but I also hate the phrase 'I have no time'. I guess if we love something strongly enough we will always look for ways to find time for it. Oh yes, I still love blogging but now there are quite a few other things I love that I am giving my time for.

Since a couple of days I have been trying to give this blog a makeover in terms of look and feel. I just realized it is not very easy with the limited choices in templates and what all you can do with them (when you have a limited knowledge of HTML!).

I also realised one thing about this blog:
I have been writing less and posting snaps more and it started getting pretty monotonous! So, for a change, I have been looking for something that would make me write and here it is:

Just this morning I read this interesting post at which got me thinking about this 'Be positive' phrase that you must be hearing very often.

I think one of the problems in simply saying 'Be Happy!', is in the way it is said. Saying just that without 'Real Caring' (a phrase so nicely put by one of the commentors on that blog), makes it insensitive and therefore more irritating and depressing. And people who show you Real Care do not need to say 'Be Happy!' ever. They spread happiness without saying it!

The phrase 'Be Happy' itself gives us a very important clue about what it is, which we often miss. We 'be' happy, we never 'do it' like it were some work. So it is not like we have a happiness switch that can be turned on and off! And sometimes the pain that precedes it is important to let us know that there maybe something we need to sort out before we feel that bliss. Yes, it is sometimes important to make good use of the wisdom we gain from a bad phase! And when we are happy it does not mean we would be grinning from ear to ear 24/7 either! :)