Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wicked Gossip!

H: You know, S has a girl-friend!
Saw them hanging out at all the hotspots and of course
their body language says it all.

I: So, is S's gf cute?

H: No... she's wishy-washy!

I: Wishy-washy? how does a person LOOK wishy-washy?? i thought it is a behavioural trait! :-)

H: LOL!!! U know - she is that delicate looking pale creature with thin straight hair...... that kind of a girl...

I: like she was caught in a washing machine and twirled
around in Surf Excel all morning?

H: Wishy-washy!!!!


Arunima said...

if they had used Rin instead of Surf?

would she look rinny swinny?

Debalina said...

Or is it all because of the washing machine and the straight hair thing ??

Or is she someone you 'wish' for but 'washed' your dreams away ???


claytonia vices said...

Then she would be Rinny Zellweger I guess!

Hey Debs!
Nice to see were u here!
Your blogs are more fun since u came to B'lore! So, its also back in my 'CHECK THESE OUT!' list of links! :-)

Debalina said...

I am honored !! Thanks for putting me back on your "Check these out ! " list !