Thursday, February 16, 2006

Summer Storm

A cumulonimbus cloud towers over the outskirts of Mysore city, sometime around 2002.

Mysore and its surrounding areas experience frequent thundershowers from clouds like these, usually during the summer months. Most probably it is these thuderstorms that act like a thermostat keeping Mysore temperatures form rising too much in summer.

As kids we used to curse them for their timing; exactly in the evening ruining our summer fun. These are those rains which brought that warm earthy smell everytime. The mere thought of it makes me feel good!


Aparna.G said...

Clouds are beautiful - the thicker they r the more the scope for imagination..I used to spend a lot of time( I still do sometimes) just looking at them..

You have quite an amazing collection.. Black clouds are often associated with trouble, but, this is nature - how can it be trouble? Its just swell..

claytonia vices said...

Actually! Thunder storms end droughts!