Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Invitation

We had just finished lunch. S and I were taking a walk within the company campus. The weather was warm but not too sunny and it was just right for a walk.

There was construction work going on ahead of us. We saw that one of the workers was just unpacking his lunch. As we got closer, he said something to us (in Marathi) with a happy smile. I did not know enough Marathi to understand him. I found his warm smile unusual for he had not met us before. Marathi-knowing S replied to him. I asked S what it was about. S told me that he was inviting us to share his lunch. (S had replied that we had already had our lunch and thanked him for the invitation.)

S said that this is a custom followed when anyone comes by when you are having lunch.

I had heard of this custom but had never witnessed it before. That too between total strangers. It's nice to know such things still exist! :-)


Raghu said...

Hi Vikas,

Your post proves that happy feelings and warm courtesies are a way of life which is still being followed by many a persons. This way of life cuts across the strata of society and this is what keeps the balance of the society from tipping off.

Nice post, I felt very warm reading it.

swar said...

really?! so quaint and heartwarming.

Arunima said...

when are you hyaving lunch next? :-)

Wanderer said...

hey, nice blog. I'm a mumbaiite and I can identify with this 'share my lunch' syndrome :)

Hey it would be nice if you change the settings and allow non-bloggers to comment as well.
BTW, I blog at
Am here from Shain's blog :)

soumya said...

much bigger things still exists ... thats why world is going on ...

claytonia vices said...

I had lunch today but nothing happened. :-(

Thanks for wandering into my blog! :-)
And yes, I didn't even no there was a setting for that, now I have changed it. :-)

I have also enabled word verification although spam comments don't care a damn about coming here! :-)

Thanks Raghu, Bem and Soumya!

Anonymous said...

hi boy ! good things always follow good people !!

claytonia vices said...
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