Monday, December 12, 2005


"...And yet you are wandering about the house like an unleashed donkey! What preposterous list is this? Do you think rupees, annas and pies drop from the sky?' Swaminathan did not think exactly this, but something quite similar."
-R.K. Narayan's Malgudi Schooldays

Do not know why, but I liked these lines in a warm and fuzzy kind of way. Reading about Swami reminds me of my own childhood. Talking about which reminds me of Mysore... I still remember seeing R.K. Narayan taking a walk among the boulevards of the CFTRI campus. The only reason why we kids knew him was because we had watched Swami and Friends on DD then. Of course, I still remember the episode in which Swami pretends he is on an imaginary horse (or donkey?) which suddenly moves under him and his little topi falls! And I always imagine Swami as a little boy running, never walking... and of course, I still remember the song at the end of each episode which used to go, "Tandaana-tanaa-nanaanaaaaaa..."


Anonymous said...

CFTRI school days is filled with memories..!! thanks Vikki for transporting me back to those days....

mysorean said...

Same here! :) wrt anonymous! ;)

R.K.Narayan is probably one of the best authors that I have read of (or in?) the English language!

Have you read "Bachelor of Arts"?

Aparna.G said...


the ringtone is avlb these days - it is really enchanting!!! ofcourse as a ringtone, it doesnt have the same effect, but then, what the hell? good news is, i think i saw an episode of 'swami' on pogo 3 months back - the last time i watched tv!! :D