Thursday, December 14, 2006

26 Years Old, Reborn

Got my 26yr old PENTAX ME Super SLR repaired finally. It had stopped working a few months ago. According to the camera repairman who repaired it, it will easily take snaps for another 20 years... provided they still make film...

Thinking about it, we can hardly expect today's 'hi-tech' SLR cameras to last so long.

Found this old advertisement about ME Super:

PENTAX is virtually unknown to our generation. Especially because it joined the digital camera bandwagon pretty late. They make great cameras even now but they are yet to learn to make great publicity and marketing...

photograph courtesy
William Eric McFadden


GuNs said...

Oh Pentaz DOES make digicams but lets face it, the reason they arent known enough is not because they are late, its because their digicams SUCK !

Inspite of that, I think Pentax did make amazing SLR cameras a few years ago (they still do, I'm sure). Though I've never owned a Pentax SLR, I've only heard praises from those who have.

The new king in digicams (non SLR) - Panasonic. Believe it or not, they've got an amazing range of cameras with Leica lenses, image stabs, the best value for money and the tremendous power of Matsushita's electronics experience behind them. With Panasonic launching its first Digicam last month, people predict a whole new brach into how DSLR's work.

Welcome to the new era.


Hemant Punekar said...

Old is Gold ;-)

claytonia vices said...

hey guns, I too heard the Lumix is a very good one... (I like the name too!)

Hmmm... I am not talking about non-DSLRs here anyway... they are a different ballgame altogether!

Arunima said...

I know only about posing in front of the camera:-)

Merry Christmas to you!

claytonia vices said...

That I know well, arunima! Except that I haven't been able to tap it's full potential! :-)

Merry Christmas to you too!

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