Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Postcards from Bengalooru

Auto drivers in Bangalore... er, Bengalooru, are becoming very well known for their ruthless fleecing of customers. Still, an autoride is always fun as you zip through Bengalooru traffic. Especially if you know you are going to MG Road or Brigade Road! :-) One autodriver told me that the government allows them to increase the metering charges only about once every 2 years! So, in the meanwhile they are only allowed to mug the customers! There are also plans of completely removing autos from bangalore roads once the metro, according to one driver that I talked to. Well, they do came across as the predators but they are not that high up in the 'food chain'.


There is this island of greenery just off MG Road that a lot of us do not seem to know about. The green and yellow lines are MG Road and Brigade respectively in this snapshot from Wikimapia. The park is marked in red.

Someone on Wikimapia has labeled this park as a 'useless park'. But if you see the number of couples putting this place to good use, you'll think otherwise! ;-) Now, before you let your imagination run wild about what I was upto there: I was just having a photoshoot there with a friend. So there...

Here is how green the trees are there:

Snapshot from Wikimapia:


illusionaire said...

Vikas! sup bro :)

Ah I miss Bangalore so much after reading your post. And hey, at least most of the auto drivers run by teh meter, unlike here in Delhi and Mumbai. And for a person with no idea of where the location is, running with a standard fare is pure daylight robbery!

And oh, what were u doing clicking snaps at the park, when u knew there wud be many couples there? lolz. naughty you. hahaha. voyeur vikz!

claytonia vices said...

True Bangalore auto driver atleast bother to turn on their meters. Which, sometimes seem to tick too fast!

Huh, illusionaire! I and my 'model' were careful not to disturb the fragile 'ecosystem' there!

Pixie said...

Ahh... Bad Auto Drivers, horrendous Meters, rude and bad language - that's what you get here in Bangalore!
Mysore is slightly better though... Auto drivers are not that bad!!

Anonymous said...

I like d auto pic.The vibrant light alway makes me feel am traviling in it ,showing al d rush in those roads!